Write a report on organisational behaviour theories and concepts.

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You will be acting as a team of consultants to a fictional global engineering and construction company.
The firm is comparable to Fluor Corporation. Your task is to produce a report to advise the
organisation’s Australian unit (a business comparable to Fluor Australia) on what should be done to
effectively manage employees.

This assignment requires you to do research. Your task is to draw on organisational behaviour theory
and use it to critically analyse key issues concerning the management of employees at your fictional
business and make recommendations to improve its performance with respect to the management of

In the report you need to:

Briefly describe the fictional firm

.Write Introduction

o State the purpose of the report.

o Briefly describe your fictional business. Choose a name for it and in your description
focus on aspects relevant to your subsequent analysis.

For instance, we know motivation is contingent on the types of employees. If you
choose to talk about motivation, you might describe the type of employees at your
fictional business.

o Provide a brief overview of the report.

I’ve attached the question file. Please go through it for complete details. It’s a group assignment and my part is only Introduction.

The four key issues for the analysis in the assignment are:




Decision making and team work


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