What are the major steps in the conceptualization stage of health services research?, question help

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Discuss the following with 3 paragraphs each and include citations and references using MLA format

1. The goal of health services research is to acquire and disseminate relevant evidence that can advance population health, improve health services and inform health policy in governments and organizational policies in health care. Choose two(2) of the following areas and discuss.

  • What are the major steps in the conceptualization stage of health services research?
  • What is Health Services Research? What are the overall goals of health system research? What are the functions of health research systems?
  • Discuss main components of a research question (this is a general discussion and you can discuss health system research of research as a general term)
  • What are the unique characteristics of medical care services compared with other market products or services?

2. How does a health care organization implement a strategic plan? What guidelines should be followed?

3. In adjusting to industry changes, how should public agencies and nonprofits strategically approach cutting back or increasing services, staff, and, perhaps, their institutional mission?


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