Week Six_Assignment #3: Problem/Solution Report

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I am writing a problem solution report on Police brutality about Ferguson, MO. Pretend you are a offcier within the force and you are writing a letter about the problem/ with a solution. Information will include police misconduct, harassment, and traffic stops. Gather info on what training is required to become a police officer and how often the training is retaught or reinforced. Below is my discussion for the report, use the discussion and go from the discussion. I have also attached the rubric and a reference page.

Hello Class,

I have decided to change the topic of my problem/solution report. The new problem/solution report will be about police brutality.

Audience- The audience for my problem/solution report is the general public, the chief of police, and the city’s governing body.

Purpose- The purpose of the solution is to ease police-civilian relationships and build trust. Building trust would boost community involvement in reporting and helping solve crimes. The solution would also lead to a more diverse police force so that understanding is better. I want to change the perception of law enforcement in a community.

Exigence- This is important because tensioned have been high and lawsuits have been coating cities millions. The realtionship is also frayed and needs to be repaired between police and civilians.

Possible solutions- become a more diverse police force, have annually or semi-annual training about conflict resolution and deescalation, build better relationship with community with outreach programs and social media.

Plan for Research- I plan to research the number of police brutality complaints for a particular area, then take a look at the demographics of that area compared to the demographics of the police force that serve that area. I will also take a look at police outreach programs such as social media and community involvement. I will also take a look at the training each officer of that force receives before being allowed on the force and while on the force.


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