Week 8 DQ #2- DOrsey

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Week 8 DQ

Ida: Ida, a resident of a Medicaid funded long-term care facility in Denton, Texas, has lived with symptoms of multiple sclerosis since she was 52 years old. Now 80 years of age, Ida is a widow, and her stepchildren look after her needs. Her stepchildren are spread throughout the Dallas area, while her daughter, June, and four grandchildren reside in Washington state. One stepdaughter secured Power of Attorney over Ida’s body and estate and had Ida admitted into the long-term care facility. She told Ida that she would pack up Ida’s lakefront property, store her treasured fossil collection at her home, and transfer the collection back to Ida once she was settled in the nursing facility. After much intervention on the part of Ida’s daughter and sister, it was discovered that Ida’s possessions were sold, donated, or taken to the garbage dump. June’s finances were also not accounted for when the stepdaughter was pressed for these details. Ida has also requested her sister help put locks on some of her drawers because her money and her precious fossils and jewelry have slowly disappeared.

Gerry: Gerry was born with Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus. During the first year of his life, a shunt was surgically implanted into his skull, however the shunt needs to be replaced periodically. Gerry is on Social Security Disability, and receives funding monthly. Gerry lives in a rural community, attends Master’s level classes in Rehabilitation Studies at a local university, mobilizes himself with an electric wheelchair. Gerry has a worker that helps him with his personal finances, banking, shopping, and money management. Despite Gerry’s Social Security and Disability payments, he never has enough funds to purchase items at the end of the month and when he would like to buy books or some other items for his personal needs. Gerry’s father recently found some payments made by a PayPal account, but Gerry insists that he has not used PayPal for any bill payments.

What are some of the issues presented in the cases that set the stage for this chapter for Nora, Gerry and Lorraine? How would you, as part of an interdisciplinary team, begin to develop strategies for detection, reporting, and intervention?

Please answer in a minimum of 100 words and make sure you are citing your sources and including references.


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