“Virtual” field trip to one of the following locations

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Option 2: Take a “Virtual” field trip to one of the following locations:

Step 2: Create your presentation

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation
    • Include information and pictures about what you did, what you saw, and what you learned.
    • Slides should be in your own words.
    • There is no minimum or maximum number of slides, just make sure you cover the information sufficiently
    • Note: You are given an entire class block of time to work on this; therefore, if you are completing option 2, I would expect your presentation to represent enough detail to show approximately 3 hours of research and development of your presentation. If you are completing option 1, I would assume the bulk of your time would be spent during the experience of your field trip, so I would assume your presentation would not contain as much detail as option 1.

Step 3: Write your speech

  • In your PowerPoint, include your speech in the NOTES SECTION (use complete sentences). This would be your presentation/speech if you were to present this to an audience.
  • Every slide should have talking points, even if it is an introduction or transition slide.
  • Talking points/speech should be in your OWN words.
  • Make sure you cite all sources you used for information or pictures either on the slide or in your notes.

Step 4: Submit your presentation

  • Compress your pictures before submitting (in PowerPoint, double click on a picture, go to “compress picture” tool, apply to all pictures)
  • Make sure your speech is visible in the notes section.
  • Make sure citations are visible in the notes section.

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