Use the Gibbs’ Cycle to reflect on your personal experience, providing relevant examples

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Analyze concepts presented in the article and relate them to how you personally dealt with power situations in your past.

Write the paper using APA style with 6-8 references (i.e., many citations for each source/reference required). In addition to the textbook, including several peer reviewed references.

Do not use other student papers to write your paper. Make sure you can go deep into ideas, because you are reading, understanding, and discussing the ideas from academic sources.

All sources must have: authors, publication dates, and publishers included in the reference list.

“Anonymous” authors, and sources without dates or publishers will not be accepted as valid sources and marks will be deducted (as they are not academic).

The paper should be between 1500 – 1800 words,

Exhibit good writing and analytical skills – review the grading rubric.

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