unit 2 reseach paper

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Unit II Research Paper Topic Open


In Unit VII, you will be writing a research paper on a domestic terrorist
incident that has occurred in the United States. The final course project will
require you to write on the recruitment and radicalization process of lone
wolf terrorists in the domestic United States and abroad using the Internet
and social media platforms. Why do terrorists focus on soft targets? This
research paper will also analyze the sociological and psychological impacts
that these attacks have had on society. You will be required to submit three
to five recent examples from the past decade in your final submission. For
your conclusion, you will offer strategies that can be used to further
strengthen the Internet and social media platforms from being used to recruit
members, promote propaganda, and radicalize terrorists.

Please complete Parts I and II below, which will serve as the first steps
toward meeting the requirements for the Unit VII Research Paper.

Part I: Research Paper Topic

Conduct research to identify a domestic terrorist incident that has
occurred in the United States. This research can be accomplished through an
Internet search and through the CSU Online Library. The CSU Online Library has
several databases, including the International Security & Counter
Terrorism Reference Center database. The CSU Online Library can be accessed
via the myCSU Student Portal.

Part II: Research Topic Justification

In a minimum of one paragraph, identify your topic of choice, and discuss
your rationale for choosing the topic. Why is the topic important to the field
of homeland security? Does it meet the criteria listed above? This topic must
be approved by your professor.

Looking Ahead

Once the topic has been approved, you will complete an annotated
bibliography in Unit V. You do not need to submit the references for this
assignment, but references will be required in Unit V for your annotated

The annotated bibliography for the final course project is due in Unit IV.
As an overview, students will be required to locate 7–10 scholarly
peer-reviewed references from the CSU Online Library; Google Scholar; or from
local, state, or federal government websites. You will also be required to
submit 100-word annotations for each reference. It is recommended to begin
locating reference material as soon as possible.

Parts I and II should be completed in a one-page document. If you have any
questions, please contact your instructor.


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