Understanding the Complaint

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Rarely will you be asked as a paralegal to research a template or
sample complaint, as most law firms have standardized their own
templates. However, it is useful to see several variations of
complaints, especially in your own state. The basic requirements for all
complaints are the same: the factual basis for the cause of action, the
harm suffered, and the remedy sought. There are differences among
various states as to the specificity of facts that must be alleged. For
this week’s assignment, you are researching sample complaints, as well
as information pertaining to complaints for your state.

First, research a state court complaint for your state, and a
federal court complaint for a federal court in your state. Explain the
information from the two complaints by comparing and contrasting the
similarities and differences between the two. Then, explain any pleading
requirements for your state and how they differ from federal pleading

  • Are there any causes of action which require “heightened pleading”?
  • What remedies are potentially available to a plaintiff in a civil cause of action?

My understanding is that, at
least for some of you, Complaints have been hard to come by. Therefore,
I will broaden your choices. You may compare:

1. A criminal and civil complaint, even from the same jurisdiction.

2. Civil complaints from two different states

3. A federal and state civil complaint

APA Format 2-3 pages


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