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Take this time to read the discussion expectations and become familiar with them. Consider this practice in following directions. Introduce yourself to your classmates. Share a bit about yourself, perhaps your interest in business and what you wish to get out of this course. This should be your 500 word post.  

Since we will be discussing topics and cases predominately online we ought to learn how to and not to engage with others online, Netiquette Do some research and find 2 examples of proper netiquette and 2 examples of poor netiquette(For instance, Godwin’s Law or some Twitter horror stories Make these posts individually, they will count as your 4 Research Posts, make sure to provide some substance and commentary to your research, a sentence is not enough. 

Make sure to read these tips, please don’t repeat them. Repeats will not receive credit. Netiquette Guide.pdf

Twitter horror stories

Godwin’s Law


post Videos, podcasts, images, articles,etc. about

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