Topic 4 answer 1

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As a nurse, it is important to always be respectful of the beliefs and traditions of every patient, we must keep in mind things such as diet, modesty, privacy, and touching. If this 19-year old female patient in this scenario was Muslim and the nurse was a male, the nurse may have to avoid direct eye contact and physical contact. If the patient is married and their spouse is available to speak with the nurse may communicate through the spouse (Attum & Shamoon, 2019). Upon assessment of the patient it would be best if the nurse or doctor was of the same gender of the patient, if this is not possible the nurse or doctor should have a healthcare provider of the same sex in the room so that the patient feels comfortable. This female patient may dress modestly and the hospital gown that is provided may not be okay with her beliefs, in this case the patient may be allowed to leave her clothes from home on but should be told that clothing may have to come off and be put back on one at a time to properly assess her. The patient may not eat certain foods such as pork or pork passed products, which can also affect any medications that are pork or gelatin based. The patient’s religious beliefs should be taken into consideration, Muslims pray 5 times a day, and during Ramadan they fast which may cause them to refuse certain medication s (Attum & Shamoon, 2019). With each patient there are many different cultural aspects that a nurse must keep in mind, but of course, every situation is different and the nurse must ask questions to make sure that no one is being offended and to minimize confusion. In the Los Angeles community there is the Islamic Center of Southern California that provides religious, educational, and recreational facilities for members of the public (Islamic Center, 2018).


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