This situation would be considered both political and social activity, political science homework help

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please replies to my classmates disscusion post for example you might start by hello i like your post here are the posts;

Post 1 :

Cary wrote this

This situation would be considered both political and social activity
because it effects both a political agenda as well as effecting a great
number of people, their well being, and their daily life. I would like
to say that most political decisions have social consequences that
occur, though in this particular case the consequences were great. “I
made an educational decision which obviously had political
fallout” Superintendent Ackerman did not maliciously intend to cause
issues among the school district and into the mayors office, though it
happened. If you look at the situation from a political standpoint,
saving a full day of kindergarten would give students stronger building
blocks in education giving them the tools for success. That is mostly
the intention Ackerman was thinking when she made her decision, thinking
of what is best for the children in the schools. From a social
standpoint, you just laid of over 3,000 employees to pay for the
kindergarten budget. Now these citizens will not have an income making
it difficult to pay bills or provide for their families. (Graham, 2011).
One of the first concepts I learned in my Public Policy and Social
Issues class is that there are two sides to every piece of policy, some
will benefit greatly and it may harm the others. This makes decisions
that Ms. Ackerman made difficult to make because she has to choose the
lesser of two evils without knowing the full scope of the consequences.
So to answer the initial question again, policy analysis effects all
different aspects of life even when that was not our original

Post 2:

Chad smith wrote this

Policy Analysis is considered both a social and political activity
because policies implemented by the government are far reaching, and can
have a significant impact on a large number of people and their
families. Policies can contain a variety of subject matter that may be
intended to address a number of issues or certain groups of people.
However, the bottom line is that the outcome of a particular policy
analysis or a range of policies is that they are likely to have an
impact on the well being of many citizens and communities. Policy
Analysis is likely to be developed among organizations and groups of
professionals, and the process and results of analysis often directly or
indirectly effect the careers, interests, decisions, and future
policies of other professionals involved or linked to the matter.

Superintendent Ackerman’s decision to secure the well being of the
school districts kindergarten program by seeking federal funding without
making Mayor Nutter aware of the situation or
requesting prior approval, may have have immediately benefited many
teachers and families closely associated to the program, but it also
made Mayor Nutter and his staff look bad to state legislators, professional
organizations and other members of the community. The school district
was in great need of additional funding and superintendent Ackerman made
her decision to secure the livelihood of the all day kindergarten
program, which benefits all members of the community associated with the
program. However, the overall political ramifications of her decision
would greatly impact future rulings associated with Philadelphia
funding, Mayor Nutter’s reputation, and support from state legislators and the governor.

dear writer what would you write back to these classmate about their post please replies to each post one by one by indicating post 1 and post 2 so i can recognize them thanks

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