the influence of alcohol and smoking advertising on teens, writing assignment help

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the essay is classical argument ,,

There are 5 sources that I will use in the essay four of them agree with the topic and one of them against it .. my position of the topic is agreement with it

1- (agreement source) A total of 72 percent of the teenagers participating in this public health study completed all 5 telephone interviews. Not surprisingly, the teens who reported having one or more favorite cigarette advertisements were 50 percent more likely to take up smoking during the 5-year duration of this clinical study when compared to the teens who did not have any favorite tobacco advertisements

2- ( agreement source) There is strong empirical evidence that tobacco companies’ advertising and promotions affect awareness of smoking and of particular brands, the recognition and recall of cigarette advertising, attitudes about smoking, intentions to smoke, and actual smoking behavior. In fact, children appear to be even more responsive to advertising appeals than are adults.

3- ( against source )While research has established that ads have a small, even marginal, impact on teen drinking and attitudes toward alcohol, cause and effect cannot be proven. And in theory, alcohol advertising itself is only effective in persuading consumers to switch brands, not increasing consumption

4- ( agreement source) Marketing executives are eager to tap into this abundant cash flow. They have directed much of their advertising spending toward teenage consumers, especially, hawking their brands between the pages of teen magazines, in commercials during teens’ favorite television programs, and even on the walls of their bathroom stalls at school. One growing marketing trend is advertising on the Internet, a venue where merchandisers know they are sure to reach teenagers around the clock

5- ( agreement source ) Exposure to smoking in movies increases the risk for smoking initiation. Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies provide clear support that youth report greater susceptibility and intentions to smoke and are more likely to actually try smoking following exposure to smoking in the movies and on television.

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