The Ethics of Remembrance, history homework help

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Documentary filmmaker Claude Lanzmann has accused Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List of trivializing the holocaust by attempting to represent what cannot be represented. Philosopher Richard Kearney defends Schindler’s List in his essay, “Narrative and the Ethics of Remembrance,” arguing that narrative representation is essential to cultural identity.

In two to three pages (excluding title and reference pages), argue your own position on the representation of the Holocaust. Can the Holocaust be represented in a way that honors the unimaginable suffering of the victims? Be sure to defend your view against the objections of the opposing side. Cite Kearney, Lanzmann, and other authors, as appropriate.

Steps to Complete the Assignment:

  1. Read articles by Kearney and Lanzmann, taking notes on the different perspectives on the ethics of Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List. Make sure you understand the concepts of “narrative representation” and “cultural identity.”
  2. Next, explore these concepts in relation to the Holocaust, using your instructor assigned primary sources as well as the two secondary sources by Kearney and Lanzmann. Develop a thesis in response to the question posed: Can the Holocaust be represented ethically, in a way that honors the unimaginable suffering of the victims?
  3. Build a case to support your position, using evidence from the assigned primary and secondary texts as well as the film. 
  4. As this paper asks you to argue a position, you will use techniques of argumentation, such as looking at the opposing view and defending your view against the objections. Be sure to do this after you fully develop your own position.
  5. Cite page referenced examples from the primary texts (literature assigned by your instructor) and secondary texts to support your interpretation. 
  6. Use in-text and reference citations in APA style. Plagiarism will not receive payment.

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