techniques you can use to increase positive behaviors, psychology homework help

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Nicole rarely did her homework in English class and usually did not complete her English classwork in the time allotted. Being the effective behavior analyst that you are, you developed a behavior plan that dramatically increased her homework and classwork completion.

Describe techniques you can use to increase the likelihood that Nicole will maintain these positive behavior changes in English and apply them to other subjects, such as math. Looking for specifics and use references that can help.

List of things covered:

reinforcement both negative and positive

generalizing and maintenance

To prepare:

  • Review the readings and weekly video introduction to gain an understanding of both generalization and maintenance.
  • Search the web and available literature to find examples of behavioral techniques that improve maintenance and generalization of academic behaviors.
  • Examine your own experiences from when you were in high school to see if you can identify factors that worked well for you in maintaining academic behaviors.

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