Southeast Asian countries: Burma, Singapore, and Laos, writing homework help

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Each question needs to be 500 words Rowntree, Lewis, Price, and Wyckoff. 2017. Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, 5th ed This textbook you can not find online so what ever you find will work I think.

6) What kinds of relationships are observed between women’s literacy and different aspects of
economic and social development in South Asia? (Chapter 12)

7) Discuss the contrasting roles of Hinduism and Islam throughout South Asia. How does religion affect
the ways people go about their daily lives? (Chapter 12)

8) Explain why smoke and air pollution are so pronounced in Southeast Asia. (Chapter 13)

9) Compare and contrast the following Southeast Asian countries: Burma, Singapore, and Laos. How

does each of these countries differ culturally, politically, and economically, and what are the prospects

for development in each? Can any of these countries learn from the successes (or failures) of one of the

others? (Chapter 13)

10) What are the benefits and liabilities of Australia’s economic linkages with China? (Chapter 14).

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