Sex, Power and Politics (Short Answers)

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Step 1:

– Despite high levels of pornography production and consumption, there is little critical analyses of it. Race in particular is often overlooked completely when exploring analyzing pornography. Discuss the three readings with regard to what you agreed with or disagreed with. How do you make sense of pornography and how does your perspective compare to the authors’ perspective?

*200 words minimum*

Step 2: The articles present three different perspective on pornography. Over the years of teaching this class I am amazed by how much pornography is consumed and how little it is discussed and analyzed even in sexuality courses. What was most interesting to you about the readings? Did you learn something new?

*100-150 words minimum*

Step 3: Constitution Project: Ask 3 people:

1. Which Constitutional Amendment means the most to them.

2. If they could change it, how would they?

3. If changed, what could be possible consequences?

2 Pages, double spaced, at least three paragraphs (not sentences for each of the three questions; you may need to ask follow up questions). Graded on content, spelling and grammar. Please write in complete sentences, not bullet points.

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