Revision Essay for Step One

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Instructions for Revision

1-Revise Step 1 (Synthesis Essay) and consider how to improve the essay. You might take a look at the link here to U Washington’s directions to revise (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. They’re pretty good, and by following the instructions you can improve any piece of writing. Revise/proofread/edit-submit.

2-You have to include a cover letter that describes your revision process that you used on the draft that you submitted. Explain to your reader how you revised your work and why, and reflect on the results of having to go through the formal revision process. Did you gain any different insights into your topic or into your own writing process?

Cover letter only needs to be a page or two.

So to be clear-you need to submit two document files-

-the revised paper

-the cover letter that explains what and why you revised and what you learned from revising

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