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I want you to respond to this two writing. Write your opinion about them. Each one 50 words.

1- This is an article in the New York Times, by David Gelles, published on 28th September 2018. The article gives an account of the decreasing number of CEOs in the corporate world. It begins by giving the example of Indra Nooyi, who after 12 years of successfully running Pepsi Company as the Chief executive is stepping down. The article states that this is one female CEO less since his successor is a man. Despite the continuous talk in corporate America on breaking the glass ceiling and the increasing diversity in the boardroom, the number of female CEOs is still reducing.

The author goes ahead to give examples of five women, who left senior positions in large companies but were replaced by men. Although there is a sufficient number of incredibly talented women, there are social and structural barriers that they have to confront from early in their carrier journey. This problem can be solved, from the boardroom, since it is the board of directors who are responsible for selecting the chief executives. They should embrace diversity hence giving women a chance to lead. Standardizing the selection process is also important since it gives the females an opportunity to be selected as chief executives. Giving women the safe opportunities to become C.E. O s is far from being achieved, however since our society is structured in a way that women are seen and felt like a lesser gender and this is just how it is.

This article relates to the concepts of gender in the Brown Book. According to anthropologists, men and women are different, they are separate and they are unequal. The traditional settings separated the males and females in mosques and in temples. There were very clear ways of lines separating them, men and women at home, in the public places, and in society differently in different cultures. The duties of each gender were clearly stated and the men always took the leading positions since they were considered as more intelligent, more flexible and also more authoritative than women. Men are universally dominant and this makes them hold senior positions in the society by men.

In most social structures, women were seen as the lesser gender, with no authority over the male gender. This scenario has been translated in the corporate world, where the executives still believe that the male gender should take up the top positions in the organizations. By breaking these social beliefs and cultures and viewing men and women as equal, there will be an increased number of women C.E.Os.

2- Irish outcry over teenager’s underwear used in rape trial

Victim blaming is running rampant in society today. It’s not just in the US its everywhere. When a woman is raped people are still asking the question “What was she wearing? She might’ve been asking for it.” The article I read was about a recent rape trial where the man accused received a verdict of not guilty after his defense attorney used the 17-year old’s underwear as evidence. He said, “You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front.” The jury agreed the with defense attorney. Because of the underwear she happened to be wearing that day she must’ve wanted it. The article also goes on to show social media posts supporting the victim and protesting the not-guilty verdict. There are protesters that are hanging thongs in the main square trying to get the government to change how rape trials are conducted. This article connects to the chapter on gender and sexuality. This woman’s clothing was used to put the blame for her rape on her. This happens a lot in the world and more often to women. They are told to cover up and protect themselves and always have their guard up. When women are victims of sexual assault or harassment it is often assumed that it happened because they were dressed provocatively or were walking alone at night. As per traditional gender norms a woman is home taking care of the “Home and hearth” (Brown 2017) or outside of the house accompanied by her husband or other man. These views have updated since their inception, but it is still seen as wrong for a woman to be walking alone at night. Everyone deserves to feel safe.

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