Respond To The Passage

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Respond To The Passage from the student: 300 – 450 words.



The student is responding to the professor’s question.

(you can see the question by visiting this link if you wish.) – Question The Student Below Answered.


Roman Millitary & Enginering

Rome and Carthage wer at war for a very long time, the punic wars. These wars lasted many years. The Romans did not like the fact that Carthage had so mcuh power and they fought over who would have the power of Sicily. The first queen of Carthege, Queen Dido had made this the city very wealthy and everyone wanted to live there. After her death the empire became to rise more. With so many people living there the enginers began to build apartments.This took alot of work to do, with limestone stones that they had to cut by hand.
Carthage also had a huge harbor that had many war ships and it was also used for comercial, and trading. This took a very long time to build and this helped Carthage to become more powerful. The war ship Quinquereme, that Carthage had built where so big with three levels it held about 400 sailors.These ships wer very powerul in the ocean, they were made to attack their enimies. The Romans did not have anything like these ship. They came across one ship that had been destroyed and took it apart and rebuilt it so they could have their own war ships, but since they did not use the right type of materials the ships did not last long and would fall into pieces.
General Hannibal lead his army to Rome with horses and elephants by foot, butthen they came across a river that hey need to cross so Hannibal had his enginers built huge wrafts the cross his army including the horses and elephantes. This took about nine days to build and cross the river. Then they came across boulders that the army to cut through the stones. The Romans were defeted by Hannibal and his army. This did not end the war, Romans went back and to Carthage and set he city on fire.
I belive that the Romans were very threathen by Carthage, from what I read during this reserach the enginers in Carthege were smarted than the Romans. They were the first ones to built apatments and they knew how to build the war ships with beter material. I honestly dont know if it was justifed, they both wanted the same lands so they had to fight for it because they could not agree on it. Both Rome and Carthage lost many people in the all years of war.


Thank You.

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