Respond to the following questions in essay format 500-700 words

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In a Word document, respond to the following questions in essay format.

  1. The
    general rule is that the person who creates a work is the author of
    that work and the owner of any resulting copyright in that work. There
    is an exception for works made for hire. Please explain what a work made
    for hire is and any factors used to determine if something was indeed
    made as a work for hire.

  2. There
    are eight separate works of authorship under copyright law. Distinguish
    between different works of authorship for copyrights and identify the
    appropriate forms used to register each work.

  3. Compare and contrast the creation, registration, and duration of trademarks versus patents.

you have completed your essay  submit your essays to the Dropbox. The
essays are due no later than the end of Unit 9. Click here to access the

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