Research Critiques and PICOT Statement, health and medicine homework help

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Prepare this assignment as a 1750-2000 word paper using the instructor feedback from the Topic 1, 2, and 3 assignments and the guidelines below.


In section one of the paper write a brief intro to your topic. Refer back to the week one paper. Be sure to write a purpose statement. You can even use the example I gave you on the template: This paper will present a proposed evidenced practice change based on a review of research articles and development of a PICOT statement.

Under the PICOT statement section write out your question in a narrative form then break it down just like the example. You are using your Week one PICOT (or an improved version). Do not develop a whole new topic.

Under the Revised Research Critique section put your revised Week 2 and 3 papers based on the feedback given. Highlight your new content in yellow so instructors can easily identify. Make sure you cover all sections of the critique guideline. Be sure you are applying pages 1 and 2 to your qualitative article and pages 3 and 4 to your quantitative article.

Proposed Evidenced Based Practice Change: This is all new content! Discuss the link between the PICOT statement, the research articles, and the nursing practice problem you identified. Include relevant details and supporting explanation and use that information to propose evidence-based practice changes (a nursing practice that you want changed and that your research supports i.e. implementation of bedside report, gel in at the doorway of every patient room, mandatory VAP bundles for all patients, nurse residency requirement for all new grads)

Please see the example templet below and also I will attach my paper for week 2 and 3.

the only new thing the needs to be added it the evidenced based practice change. The rest is copy and paste from the first and second paper that I attached.


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