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(Read and Reply in 100 words with two references)

Mindy Thompson

Group psychotherapy is a form of therapy where the counselor leads the group in a discussion of a common ailment. Group therapy is best used for those with: eating disorders, relationship problems, PTSD, anxiety, and grief. I like the idea of group therapy in providing a support group for others with the same problem (Mode of Therapy, (n.d.). However, I feel for an individual that isn’t also receiving individual therapy, certain triggers could set off deeper problems and that would cause a prolongation in healing. I believe that group therapy should be used in additional to medication and/or individual therapy. The differences in treatment for group therapy focuses on building a connection with someone else that way it instills hope. Group therapy also provides an opportunity for individuals to share their stories with others that will understand and this can be a great way for individuals to heal. The advantages of outpatient group therapy is for groups like AA (alcoholics anonymous): it provides a support group for individuals, it offers resources in times of need and many outpatient groups offer a variable schedule for anyone that needs them. A disadvantage of outpatient therapy is that individuals might not be receiving all of the care they need to get better. An advantage of a hospital setting is that it is often required part of treatment for admitted psych patients and is lead by a licensed psychiatrist. A disadvantage is that in a hospital setting all of the patients might not suffer from the same ailment but have to attend per treatment or hospital guidelines. I like the idea of school group therapy most because it gives students an opportunity to gain friends and create a support group during one of the most stressful time of their lives. However, a disadvantage is that large group therapies in a school could loose the voices of some of the more timid students.


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(Read and Reply in 100 words with two references)

Jessica Light

  • What do you think about Group Psychotherapy? Do you like or dislike it? Why?

I think group therapy carries a stigma due to the known group therapy of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, group therapy is an effective way to undergo therapy for recovery. According to our reading materials for the week “…group therapy has been proven to be very effective for the treatment of depression and traumatic stress, such as PTSD and sexual abuse survivors” (Group Therapy, 2015, p. 1). With this supporting evidence, group therapy is an essential tool for helping individuals to recover because it has several principles that are part of group therapy, in which are the key to recovery. For instance, “Dr. Irvin D. Yalom outlined key therapeutic principles, which are derived from reports from individuals who have undergone group therapy” (Group Therapy, 2015, p. 2). Some principles include altruism, catharsis, and cohesiveness (Group Therapy, 2015). For these reasons, I do like group therapy and would recommend it as a form of therapy for others.

  • What are some of the differences in treatment for a group versus individual psychotherapy?

Some differences between treatments for a group versus individual psychotherapy are that group treatment utilizes that group as part of the therapeutic process, while psychotherapy depends upon the client and therapist relationship for recovery (Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy, 2018). Another difference is that group therapy lacks the strict confidentiality that individual therapy has (Group and Individual Therapy, 2018). In other words, while they both promise confidentiality it is more likely that a member of group therapy may share personal information with others outside the group. One more difference is that individual therapy provides a higher level of analysis than group therapy because the therapist only has to focus on one client (Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy, 2018).

  • What are some advantages and disadvantages of group therapy in various settings (outpatient, hospital, school, etc.)?

After viewing the videos for this week, I can identify advantages and disadvantages for various settings for group therapy. To begin with, an outpatient setting has the advantage of each member being able to go home after sharing personal information, which also provides time to reflect on the session in a different setting in private away from other members. However, the disadvantage is also the advantage because they are parting ways with the other members they do not have an immediate way to be with the other members who may offer support on the spot. In regards to inpatient group therapy setting, it is much more intimate because each member is living in the same space, which makes the members have a family type relationship. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that they do not have as much support from actual family members. Lastly, school group therapy helps children and adolescents to become aware of cultural and diversity.


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