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Quick review questions

Study Guide: Unreported Resistance to the end of the book

Study Guide: Unreported Resistance to the end of the book

1) How did the African American community view the Gulf War? Did they see it as a priority? Why or why not? What evidence does the text offer?

2) What was the Industrial Movement? How did then-President Reagan create policies that affected this movement? Why did he want to weaken the movement? What were his strategies?

3) After Vietnam, US citizens learned about the deception employed by the government to gain support for unpopular wars. How has that affected war efforts since then? Have citizens become more or less trusting of the government? Why do you believe this has happened?

4) The text discusses how the establishment views the poor and middle classes. Although they have a great deal in common, they are often at odds politically. How does it serve the purpose of the establishment to keep these to groups from uniting against the nations power elite and wealthy?

5) Why did Clinton decide to attack Baghdad? Up to that point what was the relationship between the US and Baghdad? What happened to make the US willing to go to war?

6) What is the World Bank? What is the IMF? What roles do they play in global economics? How do their decisions affect global financial markets?

7) Who was Jocelyn Elders? What issues did she bring up? Why were they controversial? Would she have the same problems in the current sexual climate? What evidence can you offer to support your view?

8) The election of George H.W. Bush was unique in our nations history? Why? Detail the events that led to his victory, making sure to include the roles the various courts played in the election and vote counting.

9) What is the “War on Terror” – what tactics have been used to win this war? Who is the enemy in this war? Do you feel this is a war that can be won? Now that we have been in a war on terror for so long, how close are we to winning this war? Is it in our country’s best interest continue to pursue victory in the war on terror? What would it take to win the war? How much money? How many lives? What would it look like if we “won”’ the “war?” What evidence is there to support your ideas?

10) North Korea, Iran, and Irag were labeled as the Axis of Evil. Why did the US give them this title? What problems did we have them? How were these countries linked to 9/11 and Al Qaeda? What evidence is there?

Assignment quiz:

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