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have attached SMU’s handy electronic APA guide for proper citation formatting. I have also included a couple of articles which will give you some idea about the appropriateness of articles for the project.

The literature available on organizational behaviour is vast. To narrow your search, consider a subject within OB that interests you (e.g. conflict). Try to find something which considers macro related concepts within OB, such as groups and teamwork. You can also search for a study which might involve an industry you are interested in, such as finance, tech, or sports. Make sure that the article is fairly current and no more than 10 years old.

The assignment is worth 5% and it is due at the beginning of class on January 22, 2019.

Here is the description of the assignment from our course outline:

Students must select an article from a scholarly, academic journal in the field of organizational behaviour and drawing from the themes of this course. For the proposal the student must provide a short summary of the article and a rationale as to why the theories explored are relevant to the course. Please include the proper citation for the article in APA reference format. The proposal shall be no longer than 150 words, not including the citation (double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12 font). Students may not proceed to the Article Critique without completing this assignment and receiving approval.

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