quantitative report and research study research

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Answer the following questions on each of these articles

1. Brand partiy perception on the German automotive market.pdf

2. Identifying competitors.pdf

Using what you have learned in this pdf Weekly Reading.pdf , apply your skills and knowledge to these

Answer the 3 questions listed below on each article for a total of 6
answers written with detail and references to support any and all opinions.

Question 1 – Is the quantitative report a research study?
How do you know?

Question 2- Below is a list of the five major sections that
appear in most research reports. Which steps of the research process do you
expect to find in each section?

1 The opening paragraphs (i.e., there is no heading for this

2 Background and overview of relevant literature

3 Method

4 Results

5 Discussion, Implications and Limitations, Conclusions

Question 3- Assume that you are a senior level manager or
leader in a specific organization. Why might it be important, or not important,
for you to read either or both of these research studies?

Be sure to answer all 3 questions thoroughly and
thoughtfully. Discuss and cite at least 3-6 outside references to support your

The paper should be well-written, supported by at least
three scholarly references not assigned as reading for this course, formatted
according APA Requirements for graduate students, and approximately 2-3 pages
in length. 

Original work as I check ALL PAPERS before final payment for


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