project managers play an essential role in ensuring success

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A redevelopment project is being undertaken to install a production platform jacket for an oil and gas company in Sabah, Malaysia. Such a project entails the following key activities: Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Construction (EPICC). A Johor Baru based engineering company is fabricating the production platform jacket . The jacket fabrication includes design, construction, operation, quality and the last cycle stage for the installation for Sabah station. Reducing or eliminating the negative impact on the work breakdown structure (WBS) positively impacts our climate and natural environment. This jacket preserves precious as per project principle. The success of an EPICC redevelopment is dependent on several items, namely:

▪ Project planning and strategic management

▪ Cost management

▪ Journey management

▪ HSE management include BBS (Behavior-based Safety)

▪ Manpower resources and facilities management

▪ Resolve the environmental issues

▪ Code of Government authority ( DOSH, MOE and NFPA)

The Malaysian oil and gas industry has matured and can respond to rising oil prices, resources, and climate change. Apart from generating cash revenue, the oil and gas industry creates varied spin-off business opportunities, namely consultancy, technical, and other support services. Secondly, it provides technical and general employment opportunities for the people. On this note, critically managing a project effectively with the most negligible costs is paramount, and in adherence and compliance to local and international standards and practices.

The project manager has direct influence over project success. Based on previous studies, it is clearly expressed that project managers play an essential role in ensuring success. To ensure success in the EPICC project, project managers must have the core competencies required to succeed in their work

Identify and select a case study of the EPICC project (platform and fabrication) as a reference for this assessment. Consider the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

This assignment has two parts:

Part A:

▪ The Project Manager’s Role (40%).

▪ Explain how would you execute your roles as project manager for this project.

Part B:

▪ Project Team (60%)

▪ Describe project management practices, implementation and competencies of the project team that result in success or failure in the given project.

▪ Critically analyse how you could do to enhance or improve the success rate of the project.


1) prepare a report for the above. Your entire writeup should contain 10,000 words and finger, table ,content and Acknowledgement not account with 10000 words.

2) presentation slides and mention the finding

5) Poster presentation (The size depends on the information to be conveyed)- powerpoint format


▪ General Report Format: Font: Arial 11, Regular, 1.5-line spacing, proper citations & referencing like emerald officially., clear, high-quality pictures with captions and provide PDF references with highlighted the sentences used .

▪ You must apply APA referencing style. Report Guidelines You are required to submit your report with a proper reporting layout as follows:

▪ Abstract

▪ Acknowledgement

▪ Table of contents

▪ List of figures

▪ List of tables

▪ Introduction & Issues

▪ Literature Review (Oil and Gas platform installation and fabrication & Project Management)

▪ Methodology (method and process conducting this assignment, i.e. data collection, analysis, and others.)

▪ Findings (Part A and Part B)

▪ Conclusion

▪ References

Appendixes required

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