presentation important

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topic is internet

topic should address the question:

  1. What is the history of the technology that generated this medium?
  2. How did the American public influence this medium and force it to develop over the years?


  • Table of Contents: If possible, use the format-style feature in the Microsoft Word program to automatically generate a table of contents.
  • Section Headings: clearly label different sections of the report.
  • Executive Summary: briefly summarize the project’s goals, objectives, and findings. This has its own page.
  • Page Numbers: center at the bottom or top of the report pages.
  • REPORT: Provide a complete report about your findings.
  • Example: Media Literacy in a Diverse World
      1. Professor Robinson
        1. Name:
    1. Date:
    2. Title:
    3. Abstract: Highlight your findings and describe in two sentences.
    4. Table of contents
    5. Introduction: Provide an overview of what this project is about. Clearly state the objective in the research and methodology. How was this research conducted?
    6. Topic:

A. Reporting findings: Tell me what you know. Provide a complete answer to the group question. Look at question from every angle.

  1. Historical significance: Provide historical information to support research? Define topic. How has history shaped topic?
  2. Current Examples: What raw data did you use? What maps, statistical charts, graphs, reports, etc.,?

E. Notes: Take notes during research. Turn in hand-written notes.

Conclusion: How would one organize this information to present to the public? Reference List (Sources): What sources did you use for every source of information, including news articles, news-letters, on-line articles, Websites, etc.?

When sending your final report, include the following:

  • A printed hardcopy (one-sided) of the report
  • An electronic copy saved as a PDF document (preferred) or a Microsoft Word document
  • Original (native format) electronic files for all maps, charts, diagrams, photos, or other graphics that appear in the report

NOTE: Students must use 5 sources total in researching this report. Students must use credible sources and demonstrate an ability to use Morgan’s Library and research data base tools. The report must be presented by the group. Everyone must have a specific role in presenting. This project is not a punishment but an opportunity to show you can think critically and use basic concepts to make an argument.

above here the guidline for my presentation i need page and half for each questions with outline with the surcces i need each question answer separate

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