present known philosophical view from the reading material and argue for your view on the subject

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Write a five pages paper on the following topic. Your aim is to present known philosophical view(s)
from the reading material and argue for your view on the subject. At least half your paper should consist in
explaining a view, or set of views, we’ve covered before you express your own. The question you choose must be included and should
precede your essay:

This is the question i chose;

1. What is the notion of the “good” in Hume (explain fully)? How does this notion lead Hume toward a theory of
“justice”? Do you find this convincing (explain your own position)? How is this related to the regulation of human behavior?

The following link will take you to the material needed for this paper, this is the only reference material the professor wants me to use…

To open the link, right click and select open in new tab/window.

P.S: That link will take you to the pdf document needed for this essay, and that is the only reference source which should be used, and cite references you use from the text in MLA format. Thanks. The paper is a 5 page paper 1.5 line spacing.

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