Poetry Paper: Dylan Thomas, Research (Poetry Paper) help

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for the Poetry Paper: Dylan Thomas

1. Short Biography of the poet.

2. Discuss his major themes

3. List and explain 3 of his major works

4. Choose one of his poem

5. Historical context of the poem (experience surrounding the writing of the poem)

6. Summarize the poem

7. Your interpretation of the poem; details in the poem that support your interpretation

8. Discussion on the Elements of Poem

a. Setting

b. Voice – Narrator

c. Theme

d. Rhyme scheme

e. Figures of Speech

i. Metaphors

ii. Similes

iii. Alliteration

iv. Personification

f. The form of the poem

9. Remarks made by the poet’s contemporaries

10. Explain what this poem means to you?


5 pages with sources

MLA format



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