Please discuss the similarities and differences between your home and host cultures with regards to your topic of choice, particularly with respect to two or three of the cultural value patterns discussed in class. You should aim to integrate personal ex

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The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and between 4-5 pages. It may be written in the first person. This is an academically written paper: you should cite at least three academic sources (from the course readings or other). It is also highly recommended you consult with at least two locals (such as your Cultural Partners) about this topic and incorporate any useful insight they offer into your paper (although be careful not to present anyone’s opinions as fact).

You should address the following:

  • What similarities and differences have you noticed and/or experienced between (as well as within) your host culture and home culture(s) with regards to your chosen theme?
  • To what extent and how do cultural value patterns help you understand these similarities and differences?

I chose to do the paper on the food and service industry in American and The Netherlands (europe in general). i wrote down some notes already if it helps at all.

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