Personal Reflective Essay (1500 Words)

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You are required to submit a personal reflective
essay, which explores your experiences and observations of group work and you
as a team player. When writing your essay, include the following:

· Did your experience of working in a
team align with your assessment of team working in your skills audit?

· What did you learn about yourself
whilst working as part of a team?

· What areas can you identify that were

· What areas can you identify that could
be improved upon?

· What will you take forward into your
next group activity?

· Have you /will you amended your
personal development plan as a result of your experiences of team work?

Evidence to support your reflections:

Personal Development Plan (all sections)

Feedback from tutors, group members

This assessment relay on choosing specific event which was practice in class and how it reflects my personal life style.

The event was, dividing in to two groups, the doctor offered to give away $100,000 to one of the groups who convince her and the competitive group why they deserve it in that specific project (my group choose to open a charity club that support cancer and HIV patients, while other group choose to support asthma patients)

Scenario of discussion:

(GROUP A) :We tried to convince the Doctor to open Charity Club to support cancer and HIV patients, as the number of patients are increasing every year

(GROUP B) Tried to express their opinion by emphasizing the role of government specialized hospitals to support cancer and HIV. Asthma patients are more important because there isn’t any cure of it.

(GROUP A) I said: government specialized hospitals wont help the fact that lots of people have low awareness with regards to cancer and HIV, such charity clubs will help increase their awarenesses and will guide them to approach the proper step forward.

The expenses will include the charity club preparation to host a proper medical volunteering team+ equipment’s. After succeeding with this project we will request the government to support us and company to sponsor us to help a big number of people.

– 0% Plagiarism

– Harvard Style References

– Minimum of 12 references

– I’ll be attaching an examples of pervious students assessment only to guide you without copying anything to prevent expulsion from university.

– Gibbs Method MUST be taken in consideration while drafting the reflection assessment. (Gibbs method explanation will be attached)

– I’ll be attaching tasks made by me in the class (Once the Essay is assigned to Tutor)

– 1450 to 1600 Words

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