Perform Risk Assessment of friend or family

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Complete a comprehensive risk assessment for a friend or family member. Please do not use the patient’s name or identifiers. Discuss your findings. Then, reflect on your interview and discuss which parts went well and which parts you will change the next time you complete a risk assessment.

Your initial posting should be 200 to 300 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

This NEWS clarifies the health risk assessment due for the first discussion post in Week One of this course.

Sometimes people get confused and think the question is asking for the patient history. It is not. The patient history has more information than a risk assessment. A risk assessment focuses specifically on modifiable health risks.

Where can you find a health risk assessment tool? The textbook does not offer a health risk assessment tool. Go online to find a health risk assessment tool or feel free to use this one that I found online.

Or this one from the CDC I found online (go to the Appendix at the back of the document for the tool)

Please do not use a targeted health risk assessment tool. There are health risk assessment tools targeted for diabetes or asthma or certain professions, etc. What we want in this assignment is for you to assess a person for general modifiable health risks.

And remember, post no name or identifying information of the person you assessed, just general info like a 36-year-old male. Maintain confidentiality.

What goes into the initial discussion to post by Thursday? Use the tool to gather the risk info. Analyze the results and determine what, if any, risks exist. Then advise your patient about risk reduction.

In your discussion, tell us what health risk assessment tool you used and provide a reference for it. Share the critical findings of the assessment and what advice you gave regarding risks. Also, tell us what went well and what you might do differently going forward. Explain how you can make the collection of patient risk information efficient going forward and how you can integrate risk assessment and advice into every patient visit.

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