Patagonia’s Channels of Distribution (Retailers and Wholesalers) – 3 pages

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Please answer these questions in detail in an essay format with a lot of citations ( in text + reference page) And it has to be in APA format.

Also, use websites that are accessible by everyone.

1. Where and how
is your brand distributed? Also, think about exactly how your brand goes
through the distribution chain. How is the product manufactured and

brought to market? How many levels are in the channel?

2. Describe the key competition’s channel(s) of distribution,

differences between your brand and competition.

3. How does your product use the distribution channel to create a


4. Does your company use the Internet to distribute your product?
If so, how?


2. How can your brand create more differential advantages through
its distribution strategy? What changes would you recommend for the
distribution strategy?

* btw Patagonia is the American clothing company

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