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Paper response 2

For this paper response, you will pick a drug which we did not cover in class and do a “write up” This entails talking about the major uses and efficacy of the drug, pharmacokinetics, interactions (also known as contraindications) with other drugs and side effects.

This should include how the drug is absorbed in the bloodstream (injection vs. oral administration or another form of administration), how it is distributed in the brain (what receptors is it acting on), how it is metabolized (where is it metabolized, what enzymes are important for metabolization), and excretion (how do we get rid of it in the body.)

This should be 1.5 -2 pages double spaced. Please list the sources you used at the end (This doesn’t require in-text citations). In our week two folder you will also see some examples of this that my labmates did for a psychopharmacology class, however you do not need to include as many details as they did.


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