Overview of U.S. Health Care and Benchmark Developments

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  • Health
    care planners could be more effective and efficient if they used the
    concept of the natural history of disease and the levels of prevention
    to design services that intervene at the weakest link in the chain of
    progression of specific diseases. Instead, most focus on high-technology
    solutions to preventable problems. Assess the characteristics of the
    medical care culture that encourage the latter approach.
  • Hospitals
    and other health care institutions, whether voluntary or for-profit,
    need to be financially solvent to survive growing market pressures.
    Describe how this “bottom line” focus has changed the nature of the US
    health care system.
  • The
    insurance industry plays a huge role in the American health care system
    and absorbs a significant portion of the health care dollar. A single
    payer system, whether it is a private company or the US government,
    would eliminate the complex insurance paperwork burden and free
    substantial funds that could be diverted to support care for the
    under-served. Why do you believe that so much resistance to a concept
    used in every other developed country has continued in the U.S.? Assignment: should have a minimum of four scholarly sources, one APA formatted paper between 1200 – 1500 words,

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