Outsourcing a Division.

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Assume you are a manager in a large manufacturing
organization. You have been asked to consider outsourcing a division of the
organization to another country.

•Describe the steps you would take in evaluating this

•Explore whether or not you would use prescriptive or
descriptive decision-making and explain your reasoning.

•Evaluate the critical thinking skills you believe would be
necessary to make this decision.

You must demonstrate your ability to describe the steps you
would take in the decision-making process rather than merely providing an
answer to this scenario. Your paper should be well-crafted, demonstrate careful
development of thought, and exhibit critical thinking skill as appropriate to
academic writing. Further, providing a narrative is not enough.  Your paper should be 4-6 pages long,
double-spaced, and formatted according to academic writing standards and APA
style guidelines. Use at least three sources and information to support your


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