Option #1: Scrambled Merchandising

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Scrambled merchandising is introduced in chapter 5 of the course text where it is explained that retailers mix and blend unrelated products and services together to offer more diversity to consumers. An example of this is Walmart. The brand recently launched a new home furniture and décor site. Read about it here:

Jones, C. (2018, February 22). Walmart goes upscale in selling furniture, home goods online (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. USA Today.
Based on your personal opinion, which retailer does scrambled merchandising best? Discuss the growth of success, if applicable, because of this technique. Has the brand increased in awareness or customer traffic? How does this retailer advertise its diverse product line? Discuss the following 4P strategy for the retailer:

  • Distribution strategy,
  • Price strategy,
  • Product strategy, and
  • Promotion strategy.

Support your arguments with this week’s readings and other sources. Your paper should be submitted in the form of a Word document and meet the following requirements:


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