My investment class task 5

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i have my class fin 327 investment class its finance. I have assignments please I write for you down the instructions and I want in excel.

Historical Stock Price on Yahoo Finance

Yahoo! Finance offers a wealth of investment research information for the United States and worldwide financial markets and is one of the best free portal sites for investment research. Stock research in Yahoo! Finance contains all the necessary tools for stock research, including information on company earnings, analyst research, company report, mutual funds, financial calendars, research tools, bond and options (Davis, 2004).

Task: An analyst in your group needs ten years of weekly stock price data (high, low, close, and volume) for Nike, Inc and its main competitors (pick one competitor). Because she is creating a model, she wants the data in an Excel spreadsheet.

What to submit: Submit one excel file with the data for two companies (Nike and its competitor) to

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