Lesson 10 Article Review

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The objective of Article Review assignments is for you to seek out recent news articles on a benefit related topic or issue and apply course learnings to understand, describe and speak to the issue.

For this assignment, look up ONE article on the topic of non-traditional benefits (benefits other than medical or healthcare benefits that companies offer to employees).

Your article can be about:

Option A. A specific non-traditional benefit companies are offering to employees


Option B. Non-traditional benefits in general

The article should be 500-1000 words, less than a year old, and from a source that can be reviewed online.

In an essay of 500 words (minimum), briefly summarize the article and:

  • For Option A:
    • Describe the benefit and why the company would offer it to employees.
    • What is the company trying to achieve with this benefit?
    • How does it complement the other benefits provided, or how does it support the company’s mission?
    • How is it being received by employees?
  • For Option B:
    • Describe the thrust of the article-what is the author’s opinion of non-traditional benefits?
    • What benefits are cited in the article and why?
    • Do you agree with the author’s opinion as expressed in the article? Why or why not?

Include a link to your article in your essay, and remember to cite your sources properly. There is information on using APA style to cite resources.


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