its a few questions

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1. What is Hard Determinism (HD from here on)? Explain.
2. if HD is true, are we responsible for our actions? Explain.
3. What’s Compatibilism?

4. Explain how Compatibilism reconcile free will and determinism using the idea of alternative possibilities.

6. Read p. 254 from the text book. Explain how John Locke makes a distinction from a voluntary action and a free action.

7. Explain W.T. Stace’s distinction between “free” acts and “unfree” acts. (p. 251, 252).

7. Provide a counter argument against Compatibilism.

7. What’s libertarianism? Explain the argument from experience.
8. Explain Libet’s experiment and how it counters Libertarianism. Click here for more about the experiment.

(all explain questions require at least 40 words).

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