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Your instructor has returned your Week 4 Individual Project Key Assignment with comments and suggestions to improve your overall plan. Additionally, you have had the opportunity to discuss your case and plan with your peers.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Revise and amend your Week 4 Key Assignment by adding what you learned in the Discussion Board posts following the task, as well as taking into consideration your instructor’s comments. Add this to your plan, and submit your final draft.
  • Address the following, and add your responses to your Key Assignment Final Draft:
    • Continuing with the grant proposal that you outlined in Week 4, research funding sources for your proposal.
    • Searching the Internet, including private, local, state, and federal Web sites, locate at least 3 grant opportunities that might be pursued for your grant proposal.
    • Provide a brief overview of each funding opportunity and how your grant proposal relates to the opportunity.
    • In addition to the overview, you should rank the 3 grant opportunities based on what makes the most sense for your agency.
    • Lastly, in Week 3, you gave a detailed description of at least 4 of the elements in a grant proposal.
    • You are now to complete those 4 sections of the grant proposal based on your outline and your supervisor’s (instructor’s) feedback from Week 4.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

I have attached my previous assignment plus professor comments


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