I need it by Thursday morning it needs to be 300 words

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  • It will be helpful for you to review Chapter 4 pages 75-101 for this week’s discussion. Alfred Adler is one of the several theorists that you have been introduced to this week. Friedman and Schustack describe Adler’s theory as “an individual psychology that focuses on the uniqueness of individuals and the importance of how they perceive themselves.” (p. 81-82).

    In this week’s post, discuss Adler’s beliefs about birth order and predictions about eventual outcomes for individuals and the order of their birth. Do you match Adler’s profiles for first-, second-, and last-born or only children? Can you think of some prominent examples such as movie stars, political figures, or other historical icons that fit the profiles?

    *Remember to cite a source in your post. There is a vast supply of information on the internet about birth order. Just be sure that you use scholarly resources. 🙂


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