I need help with some simple grammar English questions.

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Question 1- 10options:











Question 1

The release of the new mobile phone app is timed to ____________ with the holiday season.

Question 2

If Christopher Columbus had not received the support of the Spanish king and queen in 1492, he would not have been able to finance his westward voyage in search of a new _________ to the West Indies.

Question 3

According to the CIA World Factbook, 22 of the world’s independent countries do not have ___________ forces.

Question 4

In my view, the EU needs to _____________ a series of procedural and structural changes if it hopes to meet the goal of representing all European citizens equally and democratically

Question 5

In tropical areas, __________ occurs if trees are cut down to make way for agricultural crops.

Question 6

If a building is made of a __________ material like concrete, and if it is built on soft soil, then it is more likely to fall over in an earthquake.

Question 7

In 1997, if scientists had ____________ the effect of the El Nino weather system on world weather patterns, Indonesia and other countries would have had more time to prepare for food shortages.

Question 8

Where will the inhabitants go if an island state such as the Maldives _________ to exist as a result of rising sea levels?

Question 9

If a ___________ that can “smell” certain types of cancer in men passes the trial stage, it could reduce the need for costly surgery.

Question 10

Many Americans, for example, feel it is a _________ of their personal space if a stranger stands less than about 2.5 feet from them.

Activity 7

Enter your answers from page 204

Question 11

If the June 28, 1992, earthquake in Los Angeles _________ during the morning rush hour, many more people would have been injured.

Question 11 options:



had struck

will strike

Question 12

Overseas tourism could be hurt if the price of airline tickets continues to rise and more Americans ________ to take their vacations inside the U.S.

Question 12 options:


will decide

have decided

had decided

Question 13

Gray wolves __________ extinct in North America if they had not received government protection.

Question 13 options:


will become

would have become

have become

Question 14

In a democracy, citizens ___________ a politician out of the office if they are not satisfied with the person’s performance.

Question 14 options:


would have voted

can vote


Question 15

The streetlights in many cities create light pollution so that it is seldom truly dark. If cities installed a different type of streetlight, city residents _________ the stars again.

Question 15 options:


would have seen


could see

Activity 8

page 205

Question 16 -18

Combine all 4 sentences into ONE sentence. Make sure you use the conditional with if.


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