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Question description

Portfolio Project #1: Human Resources Strategic Plan

Portfolio Project #1 provides data from a hypothetical organization. The data can be found in the attachment provided.

You will create a strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function with the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives. The overall scope of the Portfolio Project is to create a “Shared Services” structure for HR that will be housed at the organization’s corporate offices.

Most of us are aware of the term “purpose statement” but are unsure of its real meaning within an organization. It is a statement describing the organization’s purpose, or the reason for its existence. The purpose of an organization reflects a desired position in the marketplace. It should accurately answer to the questions below. The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers.

Who are we?

    We are the Human Resources Department for Karma Boets. We
    are a team committed to delivering a high quality resource to assist individual
    business units, employees, and the organization as a whole.

    What do we

    We develop,
    implement, and maintain human resource policies and guidelines that contribute
    to the overall business goals of the organization. We are responsible for
    recruiting talent, handling employee relations, ensuring compliance with legal
    regulations, and promoting the professional growth of the organizations and its

    For whom do
    we do this?

    We maintain
    our primary focus on two fronts. First, we believe we can play an instrumental
    part in bringing success and growth to the business by managing its most
    important resource, its people. Second, we are here to help each employee
    realize their potential, and help them set a success path in achieving those

    How do we
    know when we are getting it done?

    By setting
    a high bar for ourselves, seeking feedback from those we help, and giving
    ourselves honest assessments, we are able evaluate the level of service and
    value we bring to the organizations. By using clearly defined performance
    metrics, we can see firsthand the impact we are having on those we serve. 

The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers. The most effective purpose statements are short, concise, and direct. A good purpose statement is between 2–3 sentences.Answer the four questions above and create a purpose statement for your HR department. Submit the answers to the four questions and the purpose statement to your instructor for review.

HR Purpose Statement

The Human Resources Department at
Karma Boets is dedicated to providing high quality support and assistance to
both the business and its employees. Our goal is to maximize the growth
potential for both the organization and the individual so that we can all work
together to achieve our goals.”

Company name: Karma Boets

Services provided: Food/Beverages – Karma Boets is a large company that has dozens of organic coffee houses spread throughout the country.

Required Topics – Be sure to cover the following and use the following headers (in bold):

Your strategic plan should include:

Title Page

Table of Contents

1- Executive Summary
– This should not be longer than 1 page.

2- Analysis and evaluation of alignment
– In this main section, describe why HR’s alignment with the
organization is important. Describe strong analysis is important to determine
whether HR is in alignment. The following subsections are the results of your

Subsection 2a- Strategic Contribution– How does each HR function contribute to the organization’s
strategy? What are examples?

Subsection 2b- Personal Credibility– What does it take for an HR professional to be credible? What
are ways to build credibility? How can credibility be measured?

2c- HR Delivery Metrics
– What are the qualitative
or quantitative measurements in the functional areas of HR could be used to
measure activity? These may or may not be financial. These measurements may not
essential/critical to success.

2d- Key Performance Measurements
 Per, “Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] are quantifiable measurements, agreed to
beforehand, that reflect the [most] critical success factors of an organization.”
These are normally not financial. Why are KPIs important for human resources? Which
ones will you use for this case study? What are the quantifiable targets for those

2e- Action Plan for Each Functional Area
– What steps are taken to ensure the following
functional areas are set up to be in alignment? Recruiting, performance
management, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee and
labor relations, and health safety and security. Itemize your response such as
Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.

2f- HR Mission Statement
– Per “These statements are set in the present tense, and they explain why
you exist as a business, both to members of the organization and to people
outside it. Mission statements tend to be short, clear and powerful.” You’ll
need to create the mission statement based on the case scenario and analysis.
What is HR’s primary purpose?

2g- HR Vision Statement and Objectives
 Per, “Vision statements also
define your organization’s purpose, but they focus on its goals and
aspirations. These statements are designed to be uplifting and inspiring.
They’re also timeless: even if the organization changes its strategy, the
vision statement can often stays the same.” What does HR want to become in the
future? What are 3 new goals for the HR department beyond what is provided in
the case study?

Reference Page

Appendix (optional)

Submission requirements:

  • Ten pages minimum (not including the title page, table of contents, reference page or appendix) will be needed to complete the project.
  • Support your analysis and recommendations with 5 credible sources.
  • APA Format

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