HIS100 All Quiet on the Western Front Book Review

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The paper is a review for the book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front,’ written by Erich Maria Remarque. The instructions for the paper are listed below:

The paper should be 4-5 full pages, typed and double spaced (font up to 12, margins 1 inch). It should include an introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure to introduce the author and the epoch in which the author functioned. Remember that this information must be relevant to the book. Follow by stating the thesis of the book supported by four or more strong arguments that the author used to support it. Develop these arguments into separate paragraphs and back them up by evidence from the text in the body of your work. Remember that you are to write about the author and the way he tried to convince his audience to accept his agenda. In your conclusion, remember to state the book’s historical significance and try to identify its author’s targeted audience. What does the document say about the epoch in which it was written? No cover sheets. Please make sure your name is on page one, and that each page is numbered.

What is the author’s agenda if any? Remember that your role is to evaluate the source as a potential historical one. What do we learn from this source about past and current societies?

Contents of a good review:

  • Your review should include a bibliographic citation which includes the author’s name, the work’s title, the place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
  • Divide your review into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion
  • In your introduction identify the author’s theme or thesis. Why did the author write this work? What did the author try to say? What time period does the source cover? What are the subtopics in the work?
  • In the body of your paper explain how the author supports his/her thesis and what evidence he/she uses. Make sure to divide the body of your paper into paragraphs.
  • In your conclusion try to identify the potential audience of the book and assess the author’s success in proving his/her thesis. State the work’s relevance.


Proofread your paper before submitting it.

Style and grammar:

  • Try to use present tense when writing about the work or the author and the past tense when discussing the subject of the work.
  • Avoid repetitions.
  • When mentioning a person for the first time use his/her full name.
  • Make sure that your review is understandable to somebody who has not read the source.
  • Use active voice unless using passive voice is unavoidable.
  • Follow all quotations from the source by the page number in parentheses. Do not quote extensively.
  • Never use slang.
  • Avoid contradicting yourself.
  • Avoid using hyperbole.
  • Remember that “there” (location) and “their” (possession) are two different words.

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