Help me to do 2 assignments about writing

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1. Editing from the Audience’s Perspective Take 2

Complete this assignment on your Final Essay (FPD2)

What do we know about our audience?

* They are professors, academics—people who are very smart and educated, and experts in the field of literature & communication

* They are a very ARGUMENTATIVE and SKEPTICAL audience: they want to tear you argument apart! (Remember: Scientists find the truth by trying every available means of disproving their own ideas. That’s one thing scientists and writers have in common.)

* While the readers are very smart, they can’t read your mind.

* You can assume they’ve read the stories, but imagine they read the stories about a year ago. They don’t remember them PERFECTLY.

Look for places where the reader might not:

*UNDERSTAND (where they’d ask “What do you mean?” “Define that term!” “Can you give an example?”)

*BELIEVE (where they’d say: “Prove it!” “Who’s your source?” “Why do you think that?” “Why should I believe you?” “I disagree!”)

*CARE (where they’d say: “Who cares?” or “I already know that!” or “that’s obvious!” or “how does that connect to your argument?”)

Insert a note with your comment in the file. Look at every sentence, every idea, and even every word. Try to insert at least 50 comments in your draft. Upload it here.

2. Revision

Looking at the 12 Contemporary Writers and How They Revise article, what method is closest to your own type of revision? How so? What parts do you use? What do you do differently? Is there a method you will try in your last week of revision?…

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