Health Administration Research-Characteristics, Domain and Methods

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Please write a 4- to 5-page paper (utilizing 3-5 references) analyzing the two papers listed below and answering the following questions:

Walsh, E., & Khatutsky, G. (2007). Mode of administration effects on disability measures in a sample of frail beneficiaries. The Gerontologist, 47(6), 838-844. Retrieved from ProQuest.

LaVeist, T., Pollack, K., Thorpe, R., Fesahazion, R., & Gaskin, D. (2011). Place, Not Race: Disparities Dissipate In Southwest Baltimore When Blacks And Whites Live Under Similar Conditions. Health Affairs, 30(10), 1880-7. Retrieved 11/21//2012 from ProQuest.

1. What question does each study attempt to answer?

2. Why do researchers think that this is an important question to answer?

3. What is the design of each study (data and method of research)?

4. Is it an appropriate design to answer the research questions?

5. What are the policy implications of these results?

6. What are the limitations of these studies?

Provide a scholarly basis for your response (3-5 references minimum). It is important that you demonstrate your ability to synthesize information from the literature.

LENGTH: 4-5 pages typed and double spaced using 12pt Times New Roman font and 1 inch page margins. Use headers throughout the paper APA format

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