Final Term Paper

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Final term paper which is based off of the term paper outline I will include.

Include information from the textbook and at least three external resources. The resources should be scholarly articles or journals and come from reliable sources (not Wikipedia, blogs, tutorials, definition, and Ask Me type help websites). Research papers from Universities, Accredited organizations like IEEE, Mayo Clinic, and published text books on the topic should be used as references for your paper.

Use Microsoft Word and MLA format for this assignment.

Provide quotations, citations, and the references where you obtained the external resources.

The paper must be 5–8 pages in length (excluding Works Cited pages as well as space taken for graphics and pictures).

Must use the headings and sub-headings given in your outline.

A sample paper is attached for your reference. You can use graphics and pictures but should not compromise on content as pictures tend to occupy lot of space in a page.

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