Final Milestone- Portfolio Project

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This is the final stage of the project, where you should have finished all the preceding parts of the group project for your residential or commercial project:
Identified the structural system to be estimated
Identified the components of the structural system
Calculated the takeoffs
Estimated the total cost
Estimated the overhead and the profit
Final Submittal:
The entire Portfolio Project should be submitted in an organized manner to this assignment. It should be a polished and complete version of the work that you have already completed in Milestones 1- 3, and incorporate any constructive feedback provided by your instructor. The elements should be tabbed (or files named) in a conventional submission. Use an index and the narrative components to highlight both the process and your end product that reflects your company name and logo.
Table of contents
List of bidding for the general contractor
Invitation for the bid
Instruction on some requirement for bidding
Bid forms (including the total cost and takeoffs)
A contract
Material specification
Required crew(s)

MLA Format

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