film discussion

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Below are a few questions to reflect on before writing. DO NOT REPEAT what others have already discussed.

Considering the four approaches to studying Film History (covered in Chapter 10 and the video lecture), analyze the film, The Bicycle Thieves.

What were the conditions that caused Italian Neorealism?

What do we learn about Italian culture (in Rome) during this time? Be specific, pointing to a scene from the film to reinforce your argument.

What is the implicit message of the film?

How is this a political film?

Is the ending open? Closed? Optimistic or pessimistic?

Were there many Italian neo-realist films made in Italy during this time?

Were the films popular with the Italian public during this time? Why or why not?

What caused the decline of Italian neo-realism?

What is the legacy of Italian neorealism? Who was influenced by this movement/style/aesthetic?

Note: To effectively answer these questions, you are welcome to research beyond our textbook and video lectures.

Each Discussion is graded on the following Points
Discussion is focused on the subject. 3
Response attempts to stimulate further thought & discussion. 1
Film vocabulary and concepts introduced in this class is used. 1
Discussion post is a minimum of 100 words. 1
Response contains complete sentences. 1
Discussion posted contains no spelling errors. 1
Discussion post does not exceed 300 words. 1
Student has posted to the discussion. 1

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